Rumors have fallen Societies,
Kingdoms, Fortune 500s,
how can this be?
Those ugly things said in haste,
sometimes hate
flies out of the mouths of simple-minded
with nothing to back up
just what they think they know
evidence presented as facts but are no more
than discontentment
of self-hate, their dealing what life
anger at unsuspecting beings
stepping gingerly around the precipice
that gapes beneath
trapping the peaceful existence
no more to be.

Written by Donna aka Foreverserenity. All. Rights. Reserved.


Rolling around
unable to can
to stand still, in peace
each moment tossed like the wind
thrown around and around
tethered to the happenings,
the circles of life falls in crevices
distressed, distracted
finding no peace in just being
the role of an intruder
in this space and time
fighting to exist
climbing out of
the dark pool of minds too
narrow to see, shortcomings
trappings of Society
demands, knows not
how to be humbled in return
vexed spirits spread throughout
discontent abounds;
Seeking peace within.

Written by Donna aka Foreverserenity. All Rights Reserved.



Coiled deeply in the crevices of my brain
Thoughts run amok they drive me insane
I see it now how easily some get lost in their headspace
Caught up with too much thinking
Of negativity
Unable to CAN
To function in real time
Their lives seemingly no more
Just because
of failure.
That failure is like the big L of losers
Lost in life, kicked to the curb by all and sundry.
The thoughts, they come one by one
word by word
Until thoughts become deeds
And deeds become tumultuous
Lost in the corners and alley ways of what once was
Left wondering "How did I get here?"
Asking "Do you see me?" Life was once apart of me. I had a place in society
Now it seems to be no more
Family ignore, friends move on
No one cares enough to continue the bond of yester year's.
To those of you left wasted by the ignorance of people who don't give a damn
Someone cares for you
Someone loves you.
Hold on to your sense of being
You matter.
Fill your thoughts with possibilities
You will shine again.

Written by Donna Aka Forever serenity. All Rights Reserved.



Beginner's Prose: A World Without Color

I wrote this poem three years ago. It is an issue that continues on no matter what in our world today. when will we look at each other and see who each person is, a human being. 

It is not just about race anymore, though that aspect is a major transfix.  It is also about gender, and marriage and who loves whom....

Then again, all of these issues have been around for a very long time....

I wonder if God grows weary of man's ignorance...."when will we ever learn..."?

A world living in peace, its people loving each other, live and let live....

I dream of that world one day, and hope that it will someday be.

Beginner's Prose: A World Without Color: What would it be like Our world without color? How could we tell the difference Of anything? Wouldn’t we all just blend...


Summer Fantasy

His gaze shifted to her hair, he stared at it looking at the texture. He felt the sudden urge to touch it but knew that was not a good thing to do. He almost laughed out loud at the visual picture that came up of her socking him or just giving him one of those stand-offish don't-mess-with-me-stares she was known for.
She looked up, her eyes caught his, trapped briefly in her gaze he felt himself drowning in the dark pools of her eyes. He acknowledged the slight movements of her lips as she nodded her head, then looked away. "Holy shit", he thought to himself, "What just happened?!"

I think it is time to get back to my fiction writing and prose, don't you think?! Summer is a good time for some fantastic story telling. But then again, anytime is.๐Ÿ˜‰

Let me know what you think about what you just read. Does it tweak your interest? Or not your style of reading material.


Welcome to Our New Look

I'm in a very happy mood today.  I've found the look I wanted for our prose and fiction writing blog.  It will take a bit for us to get all the tabs working and customize this new theme to what our needs are.

Until such time we ask for your patience and understanding as we continue our work in progress.  Please do feel free to roam around the site, sip your coffee, or drink of choice. Open a title are two, and ride the clouds of our creative muses.